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Excel at Your Game with a Professional Coach

So why should I work with a professional coach?

A professional coach partners with you to help you achieve breakthroughs that enable you to be more successful, effective, and powerful in your game. They work with you just as a tennis, golf, basketball, or football coach helps their players play to win. . Your game may not be sports, but you want to win! Ensuring you are in the game while excelling and succeeding at your game is what coaching is about.

When should I partner with a coach?

You should partner with a professional coach when you want to win at one of the following:

1. Propel your performance to new levels
2. Excel at leadership and life
3. Overcome blocks to your success:
4. Discover new possibilities


So you still are not sure what coaching is about. Here are some examples of the RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) from a few of my clients. Remember coaching is partnering with someone who is there to help you excel and win at your game.

How do I select a coach?

So now that you know a little bit more about what a coach does with their clients, how do you select a professional coach? There are 3 dimensions to consider: (1) certification by the International Coach Federation; (2) training; and (3) experience.

(1) The coach's credentials: Is the coach a certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)? The International Coach Federation is the only organization certifying professional coaches globally. Making sure your coach is certified by IFC means that she or he has met strict training, ethical and credentialing requirements.

(2) The coach's training/education: To be certified a coach one must have taken training from an accredited ICF coaching school or university. How much training have they received from accredited coaching schools? Do they continue their education and training? Is their training approved by the ICF?

(3) The coach's experience: The coach must also have had numerous hours of experience and been observed coaching by other coaches and passed the coach examinations in order to be certified. This is one way to verify their experience. How much experience does the coach have and were they paid for it?

Guaranteed Results

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  • American Red Cross
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Brookings Institution
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  • Dupont
  • University of North Carolina
  • Intel
  • Marriott Corporation
  • National Public Radio Affiliate Stations
  • Northrop Grumman
  • The Principle Financial Group
  • Pioneer Seed
  • United States Navy
  • National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association

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