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Executive Coaching Results

Florida Executive CoachingTestimonials from Executive Coaching Clients

1. Propel Your Performance To New Levels:

"I know that your work made a difference to my bottom line. After a particular session with you focused on some of my concerns regarding an upcoming donor trip, I was able to move a $100,000 donor up to $3 million."  Kathleen, Washington, DC

This client not only exponentially (30X) propelled her performance to new levels; she also received a very big promotion.

"I have been working with Jack to develop my professional and leadership skills. As a result of my development I have gotten 2 promotions."  Melissa, Washington, DC."

This young lady worked with me to determine her professional direction, to fit in at work and improve her life. She has since received 2 promotions within 1 year.

2. Discover New Possibilities: (WOW them)

"As an entrepreneur I hired Jack to help me achieve my dream of owning a successful upscale restaurant. I started this business in an industry that was new to me. Jack coached me through many issues including hiring the staff and from a place of insecurity to one of confidence. My restaurant became Baltimore Magazine's Best New Restaurant for 2001 and was included in the best restaurants every subsequent year. I am in the process of opening my second restaurant and you can bet that I am using Jack as a coach." Lisa, Entrepreneur and Restaurant Owner, Baltimore, MD

Lisa has since had her new restaurant selected as Baltimore's #1 pizza restaurant, bumping out a restaurant that had that title for 15 years. She is also expanding at her customers' request.

3. Overcome Blocks To Success:
(Improve your business's bottom line)

"You have helped me with new skills - how to better monitor and focus my energy levels, how to overcome avoidance and especially how to take ownership of my desire and ability to be a strong leader." Craig, Washington, DC

This manager worked on handling difficult employees and developing his leadership skills. He identified barriers to being as effective as he might be and we developed practices for him to take to overcome these blocks.

"In just one coaching session with Jack I achieved life changing results. I discovered that I needed to shift my own "way of being" as a leader in my office to achieve the outcome I desired from my staff. As a result of shifting my behavior I was able to influence and achieve my goal of having a staff that is professional, effective and respectful." Howard, Baltimore, MD

This dentist was having problems with his staff behaving in a non-professional manner in the office. First we clarified what he really wanted and he declared his intent of having a professional office. Then we shifted to a powerful conversation about his behavior in the office. At that point we were able to identify the problem. It was he. We then had a conversation about what he needed to shift in his leader style and behavior to achieve the results he wanted of a more professional office. He implemented his changes and achieved his goals.

4. Excel At Leadership And Life:

"The intensive coaching provided by Jack allowed me to grow my leadership skills, and to take advantage of career advancement opportunities in a very short timeframe. This has been invaluable to my skills as a leader and in my personal life."  Rebecca, Atlanta, GA

This VP assessed her leadership style and shifted her style as necessary to ensure that her team was performing at an exceptional level. She worked to develop her staff as she developed herself. She received a promotion as a result and her team is a high performing team.

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